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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Twitter Writetip and EditTip #11

Here's another collection of my latest Twitter write tips and edit tips. Thanks for visiting my blog~

In multi POV, each character must have a distinctive voice. Consistently. It's incredibly hard to do! #writetip #stabbylove Stick with one.
When you're watching a movie, you never know what they're thinking. Yet we can relate and feel for them. That's pure showing.
#stabbylove There are other ways to join phrases/sentences together besides using conjunctions (and, but, or...). Don’t use them 2000 times! #EditTip
Having a wide vocabulary doesn't mean use every word in the dictionary. Use only the ones that fit your genre & voice. #writetip #stabbylove
Writers. Slow pacing due to repetition and redundancy is a guaranteed rejection. Use active, showing prose. #writetip #stabbylove
American writers. Know your spelling. Drop the "e"; you're not British. Salable, likable, movable, etc. #EditTip #writetip #stabbylove
A substantive edit is like a course with a writing coach. Often, writers' skills improve more than the books. #writetip #EditTip #stabbylove
4 am #writetip Don't use bland verbs with adverbs. Instead, use a single, evocative verb. Ex: jump=good; get up quickly=bad #stabbylove
In a good book, an antagonist must have layered, complex characteristics. You can't just make him "villainy" for no good reason. #writetip
Don't overuse hyphenated/compound words. Single adjective would suffice. Especially if those words are wrong. #writetip #stabbylove #edittip
Writers! Invest time/money & produce quality books. Writing IS a business. 99¢ doesn't justify poor quality. Readers won't fall for it twice

Writing is personal; publishing isn't. It's a profit-earning business that requires time/$ investment. Grow thick skin & be professional #stabbylove
Writers take advice from writers/random bloggers but not literary pros(editor/agent/teacher) Where's the logic in that? #edittip #stabbylove
Why can't you get DUNNO ALRIGHT AIN'T don't belong in professional writing except in dialogue? Use them in text messages like any dumb 13 y/o
Quotation marks don't make DIALOGUE. They're spoken words that help narrate the story and exhibit each character's distinct VOICE. #writetip

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