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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Twitter Writetip and EditTip #11

Here's another collection of my latest Twitter write tips and edit tips. Thanks for visiting my blog~

In multi POV, each character must have a distinctive voice. Consistently. It's incredibly hard to do! #writetip #stabbylove Stick with one.
When you're watching a movie, you never know what they're thinking. Yet we can relate and feel for them. That's pure showing.
#stabbylove There are other ways to join phrases/sentences together besides using conjunctions (and, but, or...). Don’t use them 2000 times! #EditTip
Having a wide vocabulary doesn't mean use every word in the dictionary. Use only the ones that fit your genre & voice. #writetip #stabbylove
Writers. Slow pacing due to repetition and redundancy is a guaranteed rejection. Use active, showing prose. #writetip #stabbylove
American writers. Know your spelling. Drop the "e"; you're not British. Salable, likable, movable, etc. #EditTip #writetip #stabbylove
A substantive edit is like a course with a writing coach. Often, writers' skills improve more than the books. #writetip #EditTip #stabbylove
4 am #writetip Don't use bland verbs with adverbs. Instead, use a single, evocative verb. Ex: jump=good; get up quickly=bad #stabbylove
In a good book, an antagonist must have layered, complex characteristics. You can't just make him "villainy" for no good reason. #writetip
Don't overuse hyphenated/compound words. Single adjective would suffice. Especially if those words are wrong. #writetip #stabbylove #edittip
Writers! Invest time/money & produce quality books. Writing IS a business. 99¢ doesn't justify poor quality. Readers won't fall for it twice

Writing is personal; publishing isn't. It's a profit-earning business that requires time/$ investment. Grow thick skin & be professional #stabbylove
Writers take advice from writers/random bloggers but not literary pros(editor/agent/teacher) Where's the logic in that? #edittip #stabbylove
Why can't you get DUNNO ALRIGHT AIN'T don't belong in professional writing except in dialogue? Use them in text messages like any dumb 13 y/o
Quotation marks don't make DIALOGUE. They're spoken words that help narrate the story and exhibit each character's distinct VOICE. #writetip

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  1. Don't disagree with anything, but on the substantive edit point, the first edit you ever did for me helped my skills to grow enormously, I'm sure of it. Also agree American writers need to get the spelling right for their country, but sure do wish some of them would stop telling me MY spelling is wrong.

  2. Yes. I deal with writers from every continent. Luckily for me, I lived in England for 4 years. I have no problem working with any English. As a writer, you need to know the market you're writing for and stick with that. The worst thing you can do is mix them together.

  3. Another great post, Su. Your advice is straight to the point even if I do feel the stabbylove from time to time.

    I've learned a lot from you. Not much I can disagree with although I do try sometimes in my mind. Thanks for your help!

  4. Anyong ha se you, Sirra. Came to check you website site. No much space to chat on Twitter. Nice tips. Best wishes from Toronto, Canada.