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Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Twitter Addiction

Everyone experienced or heard of Twitter-addiction. I’m sure it’s been tweeted and blogged about to death. So what makes my addiction to Twitter any special? Hell if I know... I’m just glad I’m away from Twitter while I’m blogging.
Yes, Twitter can be a positive place to rant, rave, and make friends. Honestly, I’ve met two of my best online buddies through it. Having said that, there’s a load of loons out there, too. Also, every once in a while, a frenzied mob attack all created by retweet of someone’s misery. 
So who are these people on Twitter? Can you judge them by what they tweet? Then I looked at my own tweets in the last 24 hours. Aaaaaaand it was sad. Now mind you, these are only half of my tweets! I was taken aback to say the least. Here goes.
Gollum is a thin, pale, old stalker with piercing eyes.... Hot dang! Gollum is Edward Cullen!!
Bella does deserve an old-fashion backhand slap. still, I don't think that would make her a decent character...
So #WW means Writer Wednesday? All this time, I thought you guys were calling me Wonderful Woman. Hmmm....
If you're good at juggling and multi-tasking, go bother some other people. I don't want to be a part of your "project."
Don't let my looks fool you. I don't get inspired by mediocrity, I'm not too keen on being nauseously positive, and I certainly won't LOL.
Duh! I do know something about fine wine, you know! I microwave it to bring the flavor out myself.
Your writing track shoud go like this... "Mom? Mom? Honey? Mom? Mom? Mom? Honey?" It works good on MURDER scenes.
I feel like going on a drunken, naked rampage! ............................................... Alas, I don't have an audience.
you can't quit me; no one can
My neighbor has glaucoma, I think. I pretend to be walking my dog near his house during his "treatment"
On my QUERY excel sheet, I mark rejections as DENIED, not rejected. Because they DENIED me from entering the publishing industry;P
Well, I'm not bitter. I just calls it as I sees it.
Cheer up. You're not at the age of forecasting storms just by aching joints.....yet. 
Well, they’re no award-winning poems, per se. And I’m not proud of the things I say on twitter or not. I swear most of them are me trying to be helpful. The truth is those tweets don’t accurately portray the real me. I swear to you that I’m not a bitch trapped in a grumpy old man’s body. I just think being pseudo-anonymous gives you the power to be meaner than you really should be. So let’s forgive and forget, eh? I’ll forgive you for your stupid tweets, too. I promise:)

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Friday, May 6, 2011

200+ YA/Adult Agency List w/ Links

This is a list of literary agencies and their links that represent YA fiction. Most of them are opened to Adult fiction and different genre. I went through AQ, QT, AW, AA, AAR, and other websites in order to get this list completed. Hopefully, it'll save you some time in your search for a perfect agent. For some of the agencies, I didn't add any name or last name because there was only one agent. Please excuse the typos! And please remember to double check their submission status & guidelines. For query letter writing tips, check out my post Basic Dos and Don'ts in Query Letter Writing. And for my editing services, click here.
Good luck~ 

AGENCY                                             AGENT

A+B Works                                          Amy
Adams Agency                                    Maura Teitelbaum 
Abrams Artist Agency                          Adams
AKA Literary Agency LLC                    Terrie Wolf
Alexander Field                                   Alex
Alicka Pistek Literary                          Alicka
Amster Literary                                    Mary Cummings
Anderson Agency                                Kathleen
Andrea Brown Lit                                 Caryn Wiseman
Andrea Hurst Literary                          Vickie Motter
Anne Edelstein                                    A.E.
Anne McDermid & Asso Monica Pacheo
Artist & Artisans Jamie Brenner
Avenue A Lit. Agency                         Jennifer Cayea
Ayesha Pande Lit                               Ayesha
Barbara Braun Barbara
Barer Literary Julie Barer
Belcastro agency                               Sharon
Bond Agency Sandra
Bookends LLC Jessica Faust
Books and Such                                 Rachel
Book Stop Literary  Jinju Chang
Bradford Literary Laura Bradford
Brown Literary                                    Roberta Brown
Browne & Miller                                  Joanna
Caren Johnson Lit.        Elana
Carol Mann Agency                            Eliza
Carolyn Jenks Agency Briana Conklin
CGS Literary Steven Harris
Curtis Brown Ltd Multiple agents
D.C. Jacobson & Asso. Lauren Yoho
Darhansoff & Verrill                   Michele Mortimer
Denise Shannon Lit                             Denise
Dong Congdon Lit Katie Grimm
Doug Grad Lit. Doug Grad
Donadio Olson, Inc                              Carrie Howland
Donald Maass Multiple agents
Dunham Literary Blair Hewes
Dystel Goderich Multiple agents
East West Literary Deborah Warren
Eden Street LLC Liza P-Voges
Elizabeth Kaplan Melissa Sarver
Epstein Lit   Kate Epstein
Ethan Ellenberg              Multiple agents
Faye Bender                              Faye
Fineprint Literary Mgmt Multiple agents
Fletcher & Co Melissa Chinchillo
Folio Lit. A          Multiple agents
Foundry Media Multiple agents
Fox Agency Diana Fox
Frances Goldin Lit  Ellen Geigor
Full Circle Literary                                Dominguez
Gelfman Schneider Lit   Victoria Marini
Gina Maccoby Literary                          Gina
Giliian MacKenzie                                 G. M.
Global Lit                                               L. Sion
Handprint Books Anne Tobias
Harvey Klinger Multiple agents
Hill Nadell Lit. Agency                       Bonnie Nadell
Howard Morhaim Lit Kate McKeen
Inkwell Mgmt. Multiple agents
JABberwocky Eddie schneider
Jane Rotrosen                                      J. R.
Janklow & Nesbit Julie Just
Jean V Naggar Lit                                 Multiple agents
Jennifer Lyons                                      Jen
Jet Literary Associates                         Liz
Jill Grinberg Lit.                                   Jill
Judith Erhlich L. Mgmt. Emmanuelle M.
K.T Lit                                                  Kate Schafer
Kimberly Cameron & Asso    Amy        
L. Perkins Agency Multiple agents
L.J.K. Lit. Mgmt. Susanna Einstein
Langtons Intl. Agency                          Linda
Larson Pomoda Lit.                             A. Laurie
Laura Dale Lit Laura Dale
Laura Langlie                     Laura Langlie
Lescher & Lescher Susan Lescher
Levine and Greenberg Elizabeth Fisher
Linda Chester Agency Alex Machinist
Linda Roghaar agency L.R.
Literary Counsel                                 Frances Black
Living Word Literary                    Kimberly
Liza Dawson Associates       Multiple agents
Loretta Books Loretta
Lowenstein Ass Inc Kathleen Ortinz
Lynn C. Franklin Asso.                      Lynn
Lynn Prenntis Lit Amy Hayden
Marcia Amsterdam   Marcia
Maria Carvainis Chelsea Gilmore
Marianne Strong                                M. S.
MarkSon Thoma Julia Kenney
Marsal Lyon Lit.                        Kevan
Martin Lit A Kate Folkers
Mckintosh & Otis Christa Heschke
Miriam Altshuler Lit                          Miriam
Movable Type Lit. Group Multiple agents
Muse Lit D. Carter
Nancy Coffey Multiple agents
Nancy Gallt                                      Nancy
Nancy Yost Zoe Shacham
Nelson Agency Multiple agents
Objective Entertainment         Elizabeth
Paradigm Jason Yarn
Pen & Ink Lit Anne Bohner
Pippin Properties Joan Slattery
PMA                                                Adrienne
Prospect Agency                            Becaa Stumpf
Publication Riot Group Donna Bagdasarian
Rebecca Strong Lit. R. Strong
Red Sofa  Dawn Frederick
Reese Agency Nicole LaBomard
Regal Literary Michelle Andelman
Renee Zuckerbrot A.                     R.Z.
RLR Scott
Robert Astle & Ass L.M.                Robert
Russell &Volkening Josh Getzler
Sanford J Greenburger Brenda Bowen
Sarah Jane Freymann L Jessica Sinsheimer
Savvy Lit L. Gomez
Schiavone Lit. A               Kevin McAdams
Scott Treimel NY                          Scott
Serendipity                                   Multiple agents
Sheldon Fogelman A       Linda Pratt
Signature Literary          Amy Tipton
Soper Agency                              Stan Soper
Spectrum Agency                        Multiple agents
Spencerhill Asso J. Schobar
Steinberg Agency Steinberg
Sterling Lord Listeristic Meredith Kaffel
Stuart Krischenvsky                    Shana Cohen
Talcott Notch Lit Rachel Dowen
The Aaron Priest Nicole James 
The Ahearn Agency       Pam
The Angela Rinaldi A        A.R.
The Cooke Agency Sally Harding(Canadian)
The Creative Culture, Inc Matthew Elblonk
The Doe Coover A               Amanda Lewis
The Fielding Agency      Whitney
The Gernert Co Logan Garrison (Female)
The Greenhouse A                  Sarah Davies
The Joy Harris Agency Sarah Twombly
The Karen Grencik lit                     Karen
The Karpfinger Agency                Karpfinger
The knight agency Multiple agents
The McCarthy Agency             Nahvae Frost
The McVeigh Agency         McVeigh
The Rights Factory Ali McDonald (Canadian)
The Spieler Agency Eric Myers
The Waterside Production Kathleen Russell
The Zoe Pagnamenta                    Zoe
Three sea Lit Michelle
Transatlantic Lit Agency Patricia Ocampo
Trident Media Group LLC Multiple agents
Tristram Coburn                 Coburn
Upstart Crow Danielle Chiotti
Verista Michael carr
Victoria Sanders Bernadette
Wm Clark                            William Clark
Waxman Literary Multiple agents
Weed Literary   Elisabeth
William Morris Endeavor      Dorian Karchmar
Wolflit Adriann
Writer House   Multiple agents
Zeno Agency John Berlyn
Zimmerman Literary            Helen Zimmerman