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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Twitter Writetip and EditTip #4

This is my 4th collection of my Twitter writing and editing tips. Spaces are limited, so some are very short and blunt. And stabby… Just know that it comes from a good place (my wanting to help you and spread the good message). 

And you can't put a bunch of phrases together & call it a sentence. It's crazy. Subject-verb relation has to be there. #writetip #amediting
When two independent clauses are joined by a coordinating conjunction, use a comma to separate them. RUN ON SENTENCE HELL. #writetip #stabby
VOICE is EVERYTHING. Reading YA should make me feel like a 14 y/o girl. It should suck me into the world of shallow teen angst. #writetip
Hate to repeat my self but use ###,***,@@@ or anything for a scene break in your MS. Double double spacing is LUNACY! #writetip
Sanity returns. VOICE. Your MC must be proactive, not reactive. Give your MC a personality. They're not drones. SHOW ME THE VOICE. #writetip
Writers like to play with different POV, POV shifts, POV Type shifts. That's just it. You're playing. Keep that out of your books. #writetip
Writers. There's a limit to how much slangs and trendy terms you should use. Think long term. They might not make sense in 5 yrs. #writetip
Um....hello. How many times did I say to stop using LOL, ROFL, SRSLY in a book? Let alone in a dialogue? DELETE! #writetip
Vocabulary. You don't need a dictionary to read Hemingway. Sometimes, the simplest words can convey the most complex message. #writetip
Sometimes, the issue isn't the writing or the plot. It's the POV. Writers must learn about each POV types and use them correctly. #writetip
I appreciate writer's creativity to come up with maps & funky names in books. But taking notes just to remember who & where sucks. #writetip
Do not use UNDERLINE in the MS. Quote or italicize to emphasize or express words or thoughts. And certainly don't italicize the entire MS.O_@
Yes. There are many many many adverbs and adjectives. But you don't have to use them. Like all the time. In the same sentence. #writetip
Can one hiss angrily as he grimaced furiously, frowning causing his eyes to squint violently? Dunno. I'm no genius. Duh.
No need for fuc* sh** co** bit** Spell them out. That's what makes Adult Novels. Adult language. This isn't Disney books. Hello. #writetip
Readers get lost in Fantasy because the world in it is relatable and believable. Remember writers. Fantasy does not mean crazy. #writetip
Part 2. Soooo, leave some of your crazies out of your book. Even in fantasy, that is like **&*%%#@ crazy. Hello.

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  1. At the risk of invoking your wrath (teasing), this was LMAO funny. Oh, yeah, it was also spot on. Nice job!

  2. Your writetips always make me laugh

    Your Stabby Queen #stabbylove

  3. These are all very useful tidbits. Perhaps you should collect a whole mess of them and sell them as an ebook. "500 things you learned from twitter about writing that have nothing to do with funny cat videos."