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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Twitter Writetip and EditTip #5

Hello. It's been a busy month on Twitter. Here are the selected writing tips I put on there. Thanks for visiting my blog, and please check out my editor website for my professional editing services. Remember. These tips come from a loving place.

If your MC’s doing things that defy the laws of physic or logic...give him a cape or something. Make me believe. Even in fantasy. #writetip
"Voice" has nothing to do with POV types. It has everything to do with words you use & how you put them together. Think, writers. #writetip
Don't put many subjects and action verbs in one sentence. That almost always ends up being a run-on sentence. Separate them. #writetip
One general advice. If is a public forum you're using to promote yourself or your books, don't be a douche. A word of mouth travels fast.
Authors. Facebook acct. can be viewed only by acct. holders & is more a personal forum. Plus, a blog/website looks more professional, IMHO.
It's ironic that writers who are firm in real life have the most "passive voice" in their writing. Don't pull back. Use your funk. #writetip
Use Read Aloud Apps to have the MS read to you. It's perfect for spotting missing words & checking for fluidity during final edit. #writetip
your/you're their/there its/it's necessity/necessary peak/peek staring/starring Come on, writers. Come on. Learn. #writetip #stabby
Subplots & supporting characters. They can't be one-dimensional page fillers. They must have merit & must relate to the main plot. #writetip
#amediting Just a note to YA writers. Check with real teens before using teen slang/lingo in your book. Make sure they're not from the 80s.
For me(editor), a synopsis is a clue. It tells me where you think your book is going. Your MS shows me where it went. Then I edit. #writetip
A query must introduce the protagonist, conflict, what's at stake, and what must be done. Synopsis? All of those with an ending. #writetip
I hate repeating. But I must. Again. PLEASE. For the love of everything literary, no fiction novels. It's like.....female woman. REDUNDANT.
If your book has Romance element, don't make it "OMG, I have 2 guys. Which one do I do?" Add some real conflict, Okay? #writetip #amediting
Voice. Too much makes the book read like your memoir. Too little makes it read like a long, dry summary. Balance.
Writers. You can't put random sentences together and call it a paragraph. They need to relate. To a character/event/time. #writetip #stabby


  1. All precious nuggets of advice. thanks for sharing! Came here via your twitter, and am glad I did. Following you now.

  2. Hi Sirra - I'm spending the morning visiting more blogs of people I follow and I like these tips very much - a nice list to keep handy by the keyboard. I had wondered what the meaning of stabbylove is and now I know, and it fits, especially for an editor or writer!