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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Twitter Writetip & EditTip Collection #8

This is the 8th installment of my twitter writetip collection. As I tweet these short tips and advice, I wonder if any of them need to be elaborated on. If you have a suggestion on the next blog post, please feel free to tweet me or comment here. I'd love to do more helpful posts. As always, good luck with your writing~~

#writers Please use contractions. Unless, you want your characters to sound like Data from Star Trek. #writetip #amwriting
#stabbylove Writers~ Remember the 3 Rs. Revise. Rewrite. Repeat. Send MS to beta readers. Now do the REP. Revise. Edit. Proofread. #writetip
#Writers Read the books before you promote or RT. And be honest. Stop the stroking. You're ruining our industry. #bogusreviews
Be careful of using slangs. They can "age" a novel up or down. And most of them are cliches. #writetip #amwriting
Robot says, "I had been waiting, but you did not come." Real people say, "I waited, but you didn't come." #writetip Write realistic dialogue.
Using SUDDENLY or THEN to link events or to give immediacy is a lazy and elementary way to do it. Be CREATIVE in creative writing. #writetip
#writersAnother word you should avoid like the plague is YOU. Unless you're writing in 2nd POV. Either way, it's jarring madness. #writetip
Please, do not forget that dialogue is spoken language although you’re writing it. Don’t use acronyms or abbreviations! #writetip #stabbylove
Sometimes, you write dialogue or action. Then go on to explain. That’s very redundant. Very telling. #stabbylove
Actions in action scene should be in chronological order. Nothing worse than a flashback in the middle of stabbing. #stabbylove #writetip
1) Battle scene. Don't over explain. Make every word active. Let them count #stabbylove

2) #stabbylove Doesn't mean action scene should be full of 3-word impact sentences. Describe but without too many adverbs "ly" words.

#writetip Check MS for sentence structure pattern. Do you bombard readers with long run-ons or choppy short ones? mix them up. #stabbylove
Comma splices are the most common problem for writers. When in doubt, just break up the sentence. Don't stick commas everywhere! #writetip

There are 3 types of dialogue: internal, buried, and spoken. A writer should know the difference and when to use them. #writetip
Assign dialogue tags and action tags to the right speaker/do-er. Those by a different character needs to be in another line. #writetip

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  1. I wish that every social media site would make writers sign a contract promising that they will do what you suggest in tip number three. The same goes for blogs. People if you don't read them, do NOT recommend them! #stabbylove