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Friday, July 8, 2011

Twitter Writetip and EditTip #2

Here's another collection of my short write tips on Twitter in case you missed it. For professional editing services, click here. Thanks, and happy writing~

Refrain from using your MC’s name in every dialogue. By pg 53, we know his name, he knows, and so do the other characters. #writetip
High fantasy world-building doesn’t mean you should write a geographical essay including a map. It’s been done. And some were unnecessary. #writetip
There’s a disconnect between realism and fantasy. And crazy. Don’t want to see the softer side of homicidal beasts in Urban Fantasy. It’s wussy. #writetip
Appreciate refined & vivid descriptions. But not long-winded ones. Like in life, I like to get there. While I'm still in the mood. #writetip
Looong death scene. This character is like Paranormal Godfather. Stabbed & mutilated for 2 pages. Still talking. Just die already.#writetip
It’s important to SHOW not tell. But don’t write a 50-word sentence w/ 4 commas. Saw too much and got lost. #amediting #amconfused #writetip
PASSIVE VOICE. Don't slow down the scene by using words like "began" "tried" and "started." #JustDoIt #amediting #writers #writetip
PASSIVE "His seemingly sexy appearance may have felt very pleasing to my eyes & made me feel something nice" ACTIVE "He was hot."#writetip
Hate 2nd POV in Present Tense. It’s like reading a stalker’s diary. (Your heart pounds as you see me watching you...) See? Creepy. #writetip
Dialogues. Writers! Fight the urge to do this !!! Not only is it jarring to the eyes, I lost my voice reading it aloud. #writetip #UseWords 
All writers must acquire the basic etiquette of giving/receiving critiques. Don't get stabby when you receive criticism. #writetip #writers
I feel the need to balance my tweets with a normal one. Here's a simple #writetip Read MS aloud for fluidity. Makes a world of difference.
There's a fine line between realistic & stupid dialogues. Don't use awesome or fab when the world is at stake. They cheapen it. #writetip
Have an ENDING to your novel. Delay only if it's a part of a series. "There is no there" applies only in yoga! #stabby #writetip #amediting


  1. Good stuff. Should add something about tags and adverbs. :-)

    Stabby is the word of the day.

  2. "Just die already." BWAHAHAHA!!!
    And I agree--I HATE reading 2nd person. It feels so wrong somehow...
    "Don't get stabby when you receive criticism." But...! LOL
    FANTASIC post, Sirra, thanks for making me laugh!!!

  3. I see what you mean; "He is hot." Much more juicy. The first sentence made me feel like I was having tea with grandpa. ;) I also like the blog post as an amalgamation of tweets...might steal that idea sometime. Good post!

  4. I love your write tips on Twitter! ;)

  5. Be tough! Who wants to read crappy novels?