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Friday, April 29, 2011

A Book Within A Book?

What do I look for in a book as a reader? Simple. I look for a great plot. I appreciate beautiful writing, too, but I tend to gravitate toward the story more than anything. That got me thinking about my reading habits. When I read, I do one of two things. I either read from beginning to end or skim through to get to the ending.
I realized that I do that with some of the books because I was interested enough to read it but not enough to read every word of it. To be honest, I just wanted to know what the hell happens in the end. So, why do I do that? I found the answer in one of the agent blogs about writing.
Writers are advised to make each chapter just as exciting as the fist or the last. There has to be a hook in every chapter as there are in the beginning, and the end of the chapter needs to have the cliff hanger that compels the readers to move on to the next chapter. Hmm. I did not know that.
It all makes sense, now that I'm trying to write a book or two. I need to make each chapter like a mini book, so that my readers won't have to skim through any part of it. I need them to want to read every word, every paragraph, every chapter. Make your chapters into a mini book!! 

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  1. Sending good wishes your way and yes, I do agree that each chapter needs to earn its place and entice the reader to keep moving forward.

  2. When I read your comment about each chapter needing to end on a cliffhanger, I was immediately reminded of reading The Hunger Games last summer. I'd plan to stop reading at the end of a chapter, only to get hooked on the cliffhanger! Then the next chapter would do the same thing, and on and on... :)